Grant/Disbursement Form


1. Complete and submit this form to your Department Chair, and then Carver Center principal for approval. The principal will then pass the form on to the Foundation for approval.

2. The Foundation or the principal will inform the requesting faculty member of grant approval status.

3. Upon grant request approval, the faculty member should initiate purchase and forward receipts or invoices to Carver Center Foundation as per payment method chosen.

4. Please note the Grant Request Schedule, so that your grant can be considered in a timely manner: Due Dates for Quarterly Approval Voting: October 1st, December 1st, March 1st, May 1st for consideration at the Board Meeting following the due date.

5. Please fill in all areas so we can process your request promptly.

6. Please look ahead in the school year and submit requests as early as possible to avoid the possibility of funds being unavailable from the Foundation later in the year.

7. For academic courses, primes, clubs and other groups in which it might be anticipated that students will be participating in local, state, regional and/or national conferences or competitions, please attempt to consider funding needs for all such possibilities and make one overall grant request, so that the Foundation can consider the total that may need to be expended for any one set of conferences and competitions.

Download Grant Request Form