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amplifying the impact of an arts and technology education

~ since 2000 ~

finding your voice

For close to 5,000 talented young people, George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology has been a place of promise and challenge. Established in 2000, Carver Center Foundation was created to support the world-renowned programs in the arts and technology at Carver Center. Since 2002, Carver Center Foundation has awarded over $260,000 in grants and scholarships to students and faculty. In 2005, the Foundation began the tradition of awarding college scholarships to graduating seniors nominated by the school principal to empower youth to use their voices to power creative expression.

We at Carver Center Foundation believe that every voice is valued and celebrated for its unique and creative expression.

enhancing the experience

Fearlessness is the product of an environment of support, encouragement and respect. Carver Center Foundation provides resources and support to supplement the rigorous program at the all-Baltimore County magnet school.  We are resolute in the importance of preparing students for college and careers in 11 specific professional career areas or “Primes”. In the years since the school’s opening in 1993, experience has shown that the school’s unique mission also creates financial needs not covered by its regular public funding. Carver Center Foundation was built to further enhance the programs created by Carver Center’s superb educators and to enrich the experience for all our students and empower them to indomitably pursue their passions.

Carver Center Foundation help to cultivate life-long learners whose passion for their craft empowers them

to be creative, successful, inspiring contributors to society and the world.