Cindy Shilling

President: 2022-24
Parent Committee Chair: 2021-23
director: 2022-24

“Carver Center is not only a school – it is a family. A place for our kids to flourish and let their voices be heard. A place for them to be themselves without judgment. No matter the prime of choice, each student’s talent is recognized and given the chance to shine. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of Carver Center Foundation and all of its efforts to help our Carver Center students.”

Parent of Class of 2023 Carpentry Graduate

thea mitchell

vice president& parent committee chair: 2023-25
Director: 2023-25

Parent of Class of 2025  

Acting Student

Michael Quinn

Treasurer: 2020-24
director: 2020-24

Parent of Class of 2023 Visual Arts Graduate

Jordan Schloss

Secretary and Governance: 2016-25
director: 2016-25

“As members of the Carver Center community, we cannot let the arts and technology disappear from public education. Every student deserves the benefits of a comprehensive program and instructors uniquely qualified to deliver it. The educational experiences provided at Carver Center cultivates life-long learners whose passion for their craft empowers them to be creative, successful, inspiring contributors to society and the world.”

Design & Production Alumnus, 2016

Student Representative, 2014-2016

CCF Acorn

Maire McCarthy Bollard

Vice President -Communications:
director: 2022-24

Parent of Class of 2022 Visual Arts Graduate

James Paquette

Development Chair: 2022-24
director: 2020-24

“Our two sons have had transformational experiences at Carver Center. Their academic, artistic, & personal growth has been extraordinary. None of this could be possible without the financial support of the Carver Center Foundation.”

Parent of Acting Alumnus and Class of 2022 IT/IMP Alumnus

Ryan Burton

Alumni Chair:
director: 2021-24

Class of 2001 Culinary Arts Alumnus


Principal, 2022-
Director ex officio: 2022-

Principal of George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology

barri spitzer

Director: 2023-24

“As a parent of a current acting prime student, I see how incredibly special Carver Center is. The experience and opportunity my son has at this school is priceless. I will do everything in my power to keep the traditions going and to strengthen our foundation so more students can benefit and have the opportunity my son has been so fortunate to have.”

Parent of Class of 2024
Acting Student


William Johnstone

Director: 2022-24

Chair of the Carver Center Department of Mathematics, Bill represents the Carver Center faculty/staff and is a hugely valuable addition to the CCF Board.  

hayden spitzer

Director: 2022-24

Student Representative

Class of 2024 Acting Student

Nia Bryant

Director: 2022-24

Student Representative

Class of 2024
Design & Production Student

Claire Carberry

senior advisor:
President emeritus: 2021-22
President: 2019-21
Director: 2019-23

“As a professional actor and voice-over artist, I know my time training at Carver Center gave me the work ethic and confidence to trust my voice. The arts transform lives and I am thrilled to serve the Carver Center community.”

Parent of Class of 2022  
Digital Instrumental Music Alumnus