“(At Carver Center,) I learned that my expectations of myself needed to be much higher than they were. I went from a middle school where we just “went to school” to a school where we were invested in our school and ourselves.” ~ Mello, 2010 – Business and Photography

That is just one of many examples over almost 30 years of people who learned who they are at Carver Center. Respect, inclusivity and expression are the values Ms. Karen Steele, principal of 20 years, speaks of during her opening address. At Carver Center Foundation, we take that

Sierra Raspa, Visual ’20

vision from the classroom to the real world by providing enriching opportunities to enhance the artist and educational experience at Carver Center, thus empowering students to fearlessly pursue their passions.

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To meet the needs of the students and staff of Carver Center, the foundation seeks support from current Carver Center families, friends in the community, alumni and area businesses. We raise funds with this back to school contribution drive and at two annual events, the Annual Bull Roast on November and Carver Celebration in the Spring of 2020. Save those dates!

TyJae Tsubaki, Visual Arts

Mail: To make a contribution by mail, please complete this form and return it along with a check payable to Carver Center Foundation to Carver Center Foundation, Inc., 938 York Road, Towson, MD 21204.

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Donations made to the general fund will be disbursed upon request to Carver Center Foundation’s Board of Directors. Donations to CCF Sports Boosters will support the Carver Center Athletics Department. Donations to specific Prime(s) or Academic Area(s) can also be specified, as well as donations in honor of a particular person, student organization, or club. Please contact the foundation at with additional questions. Our tax deductible ID # is 52-2272565.