Volunteers Needed

To Carver Center Parents, Students, Faculty and Alumni

Ai??Thank you to all who supported Carver Center with your time and financial resources this past school year.Ai?? With a successful Carver Center Celebration in March and a renewed effort to identify sponsorships, it appears that the Carver Center Foundation will be in a great position to continue supporting the students and the unique programming of Carver Center in the 2017-18 school year.

As my daughter graduates from Carver Center this year, I will be stepping aside as president of the Foundation at the end of the school year. That being said, the Foundation is in need of volunteers willing and able to lead the organization next year and beyond. Ai??Specifically, we are looking for volunteers interested in serving in the following capacities:




Celebration Committee Chair

No special skills are required, but someone with bookkeeping or an accounting background would be helpful for the Treasurer role.Ai??Ai?? We have benefitted in the past from an experienced event planner running the Celebration Committee.Ai?? Again, that is not required, but certainly a help for someone interested in that position.

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If you have questions or need additional information, please reach out to me at jriggs405@gmail.com.Ai?? Thanks